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Breast Cancer Ribbon with Christian Cross Dish Drying Mat

Embroidered “Yellow Roses in Basket With A Butterfly” embroidered on top of Blue and White Kitchen Towel.

Towel Dimensions: Approximately 16 Inches Wide x 28 inches Long
Fabric Type: 93% Cotton / 7% Polyester
Fabric Color: Blue and White
Price: $11.99

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Breast Cancer Ribbon with Christian Cross Dish Drying Mat Dish Drying Mat that can be used for decorative purposes, or delicately for daily usage.

Dimensions: Approximately 18 Inches Wide x 24 inches Long
Fabric Type: Thermo-bonded super-absorbent microfiber
Fabric Color: Black and White

This dish drying mat is the new solution to the age old tradition of placing dish towels on the counter when hand washing pots, pans, dishes, glassware and more. The unique, thermo-bonded design combines between two layers of high quality, super-absorbent microfiber.

It’s ideal for drying delicate stemware, offering extra protection with the microfiber and a layer of foam. The mat has multiple uses and works perfect underneath your drying rack to protect your counter-top from scratches and scuffs. When finished using the dish drying mat, it conveniently folds up to store in a cabinet or drawer.

Only a superior pattern will suffice, otherwise our finished products would be degraded and inferior to our standards.

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Basic Care and Cleaning Instructions for our products:

  • Machine was separately in cold water with a liquid detergent
  • Do not use powered detergent
  • Do not use bleach
  • Tumble dry on low
  • Do not iron

Additional information

Weight6.6 oz
Dimensions24 × 18 × 1 in

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