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Down Syndrome Awareness Ribbon with Kids Graphic Placemats

Embroidered Autism Awareness – Love Graphic on top of Black Placemats (Set of 2)

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Down Syndrome Awareness Ribbon with Kids Graphic on top of Sedona Red Placemats (Set of 2)

Dimensions: Approximately 15 Inches Round
Fabric Type: 100 % Polyester
Fabric Color: Red Sedona

These placemats can be used as a table decoration or for placing tableware on. 

In every cell in the human body there is a nucleus, where genetic material is stored in genes. Genes carry the codes responsible for all of our inherited traits and are grouped along rod-like structures called chromosomes. Typically, the nucleus of each cell contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, half of which are inherited from each parent. Down syndrome occurs when an individual has a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21.

This additional genetic material alters the course of development and causes the characteristics associated with Down syndrome. A few of the common physical traits of Down syndrome are low muscle tone, small stature, an upward slant to the eyes, and a single deep crease across the center of the palm – although each person with Down syndrome is a unique individual and may possess these characteristics to different degrees, or not at all.

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Basic Care and Cleaning Instructions for our products:

  • NOT Machine Washable
  • Use a Soft Bristle Toothbrush to remove Food and/or Crumbs from fabric
  • Do Not Use cleaning products with bleach
  • Use mile Soap and Water as a cleaning agent 
  • Wipe clean with a damp cloth only
  • Do Not Iron
  • Let Air Dry before reusing or storing

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Weight12 oz
Dimensions15.125 × 11.125 × 2 in

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